Solar Financing

The Solar Guys

Easy Loans for Solar Power in Cheyenne

Tap the abundance of solar power. The Solar Power Guys are here to provide solar panel financing in Cheyenne. With easy payment options, we make sure that our solar panel contractors can meet the growing needs of our clients. We offer financing options on equipment and installation services.

Let us start to meet your solar power needs right away.

Flexible Payments

Our contractors can find a payment option that works for your budget. Even if you can’t pay full price upfront right now, we are happy to offer our services. Our financing specialists have Cheyenne’s solar needs covered.

Residential & Commercial Financing

Reduce costs and pay less than you are currently paying for electricity. Consider solar financing options for your commercial or residential needs. We provide complete design and installation services at highly affordable prices. We bet you won’t regret updating to solar power systems.

The Cheyenne Advantage

Solar power systems bring a lot to the table, especially in sunny cities like Cheyenne. From minimizing your environmental footprint to substantial short-term and long-term savings, there’s a lot at the offer. Start saving money with solar energy as soon as possible with our services.

Comprehensive Services

The Solar Guys offer all the solar power system and panel services you require. Whether you’re looking for a large commercial design and full solar panel installation or a few panels on the roof of your home, our contractors can get what you need. You can always count on us for repairs and inspections.

Friendly Services

We are your go-to neighborhood solar company. We treat our customers like neighbors, so you can trust us to take care of your solar panel needs. When you choose us as your solar panel company, we will take great care of your system, home, or business. Of course, we’ll stick to your budget.